Become the Leader You Always

Wanted to Be!

Become the Leader You Always Wanted to Be!

Bravery Trumps Fear

That fearless child who believes anything is possible still lives inside all of us. Brave Now helps you rediscover that spark.

We face down fear and harness courage and boldness to brand, market and communicate powerfully, honestly and memorably.

Let go of who we think we should be and embrace who we really are.

That’s where our power comes from.


Brave Now is passionate about The Work.

We are a network who excel in marketing, public relations, media, digital design and related fields.

We work with companies, non-profits, associations, and federal and local agencies with the courage to defy conventional wisdom and change the game.

Brave Now invests in people who look at the world differently. Who want to do and be better.


  • Color outside of the lines.
  • Listen, learn and go for it.
  • Believe everyone is equal.
  • Trust their gut.
  • Are passionate about what they do.
  • Know what really matters in life.
  • Tell the Truth


Others make promises. We make things happen.

We have worked with countless organizations and senior executives who have a lot to say and want to be heard. We help them find their voice and stand out in a world where the old approaches, platitudes and buzzwords get buried in the clutter of way too much information.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, innovators and idealists willing to take risks to grow and win. We help them develop, position and build brands that people connect with, admire and – most important – remember.

You know where you want to go. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

Brave Founder

Aimee Stern, our founder, got her start as a journalist, writing for the New York Times, Business Week, Fortune’s Small Business, Money and many others.

She loves working with leaders that have big ideas and want to share them broadly.

She is an idealist and a capitalist and a yogi. She will tell you the truth even when it isn’t pretty.


Platform development
Writing and editing
Marketing and communications strategy
Web site development
Media outreach
Public private partnerships
Grassroots marketing


Forget the Scientists Stuck in the Lab

The first USA Science & Engineering Festival and our founder got 500,000 people to a celebration of science on the National Mall.

Consumers are Diverse. Marketers should be too.

We helped Amber Guild, then president of design firm Collins, find her platform and share her vision in top media.

Revealing Healthcare’s Secret Prices

We helped CEO Dr. Jeffrey Rice launch Healthcare Blue Book to educate consumers about healthcare pricing.

Embrace Seniority in a Business of Youth

A gutsy move got Interplanetary its signature story in FastCompany.

The Man Behind the Lecture

Thirty years after a lecture was created to honor Dr. John Dolan we worked with Sleight of Hand Studios to ask who was this man who transformed a hospital?

Moms Go Wild for Local Families

We did outreach for the YMCA Youth & Family Services’ Mom Prom, filled it and danced until we dropped.


I have retained Aimee to work for two companies. Each time she has brought creative energy and talent to our initiatives that directly supported our strategic goals. She is very good at getting the word out on new products or services.

Jeff Rice, MD, JD

CEO at Healthcare Bluebook

Aimee Stern has worked at the top of this constantly evolving profession for decades now. Since our first meeting in 1989 (when she was writing for the Harvard Business School), I’ve admired the work she’s done for all manner of demanding folks in both the government and private sector. With Aimee you can’t go wrong. She’s funny, smart, incredibly quick. And takes it all with a grain of salt. The best–simple as that.

David Todd

Senior Lecturer, Professional Writing Program, University of Maryland, University of Florida

Aimee Stern is that rare combination of an excellent writer, communicator and marketer. She knows how to connect with audiences emotionally and tells stories that bring it home. We have worked together a couple of times, most recently on a video project where she brought a great deal of insight into how to capture the spirit, energy and crustiness of a legendary Arlington physician. Would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to add creativity and marketing know-how to a project.

Dori Kelner

Managing Partner, Sleight-of-Hand Studios

I first worked with Aimee over a decade ago and was impressed with her communications perspective and experience and her breadth of ups, I knew she would be a tremendous asset to NSF. Within the first weeks of arrival, she was expanding the speechwriters’ reach throughout the agency, improving coordination between speech content and the latest research and media efforts, and generally innovating new ways to improve the messaging coming from the Office of the Director and her team’s visibility throughout NSF. Could not recommend Aimee more highly.

Josh Chamot

Public Affairs Specialist at U.S. National Science Foundation

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